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Set of Models for Plates Contouring - Canine Radius and Ulna


  • set-rad-ulna
Shipping time: 7 days

A set of models of healthy dog's Radius and Ulna bones prepared on the basis of computed tomography. This set is designed for preoperative plates contouring.

The set includes 8 models of connected Radius and Ulna bones in the following sizes:

  • 90 mm,
  • 110 mm,
  • 130 mm
  • 150 mm.
  • 170 mm,
  • 190 mm,
  • 210 mm,
  • 230 mm.

The models are made in 3D printing technology with a durable material suitable for steam sterilization. Thanks to this, the models can be used during surgical operations.

The set is placed in durable aluminium case filled with foam which allows not only its storage but also safe transport.


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