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Orthoses for Tarsal Joint (Hind Limbs)


Shipping time: 7 days

CABIOMEDE orthoses for tarsal joint are designed for animals are in convalescence and rehabilitation period.

They provide full stabilization and protection of the hind limb. They keep the limb in a natural position allowing the stabilization and unburdening of the ankle during walk.

They are made of biocompatible materials, which allows their use during wound healing. They consist of a polymeric external stabilizer, soft foam liner and non-slip pad. An additional advantage of our orthoses is the possibility of heating them and refitting on the animal's limb, which is very important, for example in the case of a reduction in postoperative swelling.

Orthotics are available in sizes XS to XL. The measurements of the different ortheses sizes can be found in the table below.

A: Length between the midpoint of the rear pastern and the midpoint of lower thigh.

B: The width of the paw.


How adjustable are the orthosis?

Our orthoses are made of thermoformable materials which can be reshaped after heating to temperature over 70°C. If the initial shape does not fit your dog the orthosis can be submerged in hot water for couple of minutes and reshaped to form desired profile.

Are orthosis safe for all day long use?

Our orthosis are made of materials certified for contact with fur and tissue so they will not cause any irritation. From our experience we can tell, that orthosis may require adjustment period, so we do not recommend all day long use for first few days. Moreover, usage of our orthosis should always be consulted with certified veterinary medicine specialist.

Does the sole of the orthosis have some kind of a non-slip material?

The bottom part of the orthosis is covered in non-slip layer providing stable contact with surface preventing slipping of animal.


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